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Bully The Bun!

Looking inside to see if anybody will let him in.

I used to have a rabbit we called "Bully" he was Huge! and not in a fat way either. he was litterbox trained(actually nobody trained him, he found a cats litterbox and kept using it) He had the run of the house and would love to jump on our beds at night and go to sleep!

After the Cat
Bully wasnt afraid of Cats,.. He Loved Them!!

Bully dug Cats For some reason! When ever he Spotted a Putty Tat, He would always be in Hot Pursuit! ..I guess as Big as he was, He just thought they were other Rabbits!

Old Bully lived just shy of 10 yrs. strange thing was that the last 2 years of his life, he took to eating MEAT?? In the past when ever he heard crinkle paper(almost all pets associate that with a food item being opened or unwrapped) he would come a running. but if he discovered i was unwrapping a burger i bought he would sniff it and turn away disappointed.

Let Me In!!!!
Bully was a Big Rabbit! He could touch the door knob with his paws when he wanted in.
The Better to See you with!
Wearing Granny's Reading Glasses

But one night as i set some chicken wings i ordered in front of the TV so i could get icecubes for my drink, when i returned i was shocked to see half of them cleaned to the bone and bully was working on wing number seven!?!?!
after that he never refused anything.

A Rare shot with his Tongue out!

I Did'nt feed him meat constantly mind you, I would only offer him some to show friends what was going on.(Plus.. He would steal a snack from the Cats dish)

Chewing on Small Trees, ..Like a Beaver?

Why? ...I think its because bully lived longer than most rabbits (4 yrs for most) he lived almost 10. its been pondered that maybe he outlived the vegatarian restrictions on his kind. also his body at 8 or 9 yrs need nutriants that his Feed/grains werent providing him any more.

Bun & the Boot!
I wear size 11 ½ Boots. Hope this gives some scale
Got Milk?
His 1st year he got bigger than a Milk Crate

He used to leap up to the window sile and watch the world like a shut-in cat does on days when he didn't go out. His Favorite food was Golden Raisins. He would also eat a Whole Banana, Unpeeled, From Stem to Stern. 

Once my Granny's ratty old Space Heater caught the rug on Fire as I slept. Bully jumped on my bed & clawed me awake  till I noticed what was up. 

He Fathered 2 litters of little Buns in his life. Hopefully, Theirs many Bully offspring out their somewhere

Taking up most of the Bed!!
              BULLY      ....Fondly Remembered, Saddly Missed

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